How to merge emotion shards in Disciples: Liberation

Improve your emotion shards and boost your team’s skills.


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Emotion shards are useful passives that you can assign to Avyanna or the other characters in your party. These items are excellent and provide small buffs to everyone in your squad, giving them additional bonuses or protections in combat. Some are better than others for each character, depending on how you build your team. When you want to create more powerful emotion shards, you’ll need to merge them. In this guide, we’re going to share what you need to do to merge emotion shards.

You’ll be able to merge emotion shards when you unlock the Blacksmith building. You should do this after completing the main story in any beginner region and receive the schematic. Once you have the schematic, you need to take it to Yllian and assign it to one of the open slots. Similar to the other buildings in Yllian, you can only upgrade it based on your castle’s tier at the center.

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There are only two options available to you at the Blacksmith building, and one of them is to merge emotion shards. Each emotion shard has a different slot. If you want to create more powerful emotion shards, you need to combine two of the same ranking to create a more powerful version. You’ll also need the required resources to make the improved emotion shard.

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Unlike improving your equipment, you do not need to upgrade your Blacksmith to create more powerful emotion shards. However, you need to meet the resource requirement, which could be the more difficult task as you need to use gold, primal, divine, and unholy essence, depending on the rarity of the emotion shard you’re crafting.