How to open Cecilia Garden in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact

Cecilia Garden is one of the Domains in Genshin Impact. Here is where you will find rare resources that you will need, but you can’t just stroll in and start whacking enemies. First, you need to solve a puzzle to open up Cecilia Garden.

When you first arrive at Cecilia Garden, it will look like any other ruined area of the map. The Domain door is hidden below ground, and will not rise up to the surface until you manage to get all four of the little ghost to the stone plinths at the central square.

At the center of the square, you will see a locked wind node, and you will need to get the four little spirits to their plinths if you want to be able to activate it. The first one is the easiest, and the easiest to miss. One of the plinths is covered in rock, just smash it with a weapon so that the little blue spirit can land on it.

Next, you will see a group of enemies on the left side of the area. They have a spirit trapped over there, so go over and kill them to free the spirit, then guide it to to the plinth. The third one is located in the back left of the area. It is actually hidden by a large cracked rock that you can destroy with your weapon.

The last one is trapped behind a wall of wind. You will need to climb the ruined wall behind it, then jump off and glide down on top of it. Hit the Wind node with a Wind ability to free the spirit and then guide it o the plinth. When they are all in place you can hit the central node with a Wind ability and the entrance to Cecilia Garden will rise out of the ground, and you can start to run the Domain for various resources. You will need Original Resin to claim them, the same as every other Domain in the game.