How to pair DualSense Controller with iPhone

Connect your new DualSense to your iPhone to play your favorite mobile games.

DualSense PlayStation 5

One of the coolest features of the wireless controllers that we have had for the past couple of generations, is their Bluetooth technology that has made them compatible with our phones and mobile devices.

The same is true with the new DualSense controller that comes with the PlayStation 5. This new controller is one of the big selling points for the console with its new, haptic-feedback technology inside. You can use the controller to connect with your phones as well to play some of your favorite mobile games. Or at least you will be able to, eventually.

As of right now, the DualSense is not compatible with the current iOS on iPhones, but it will be eventually. When that times comes, the pairing process is most likely going to be the same as it was for the DualShock 4 and other controllers.

How to pair the devices

The first thing you’ll want to do is to make sure that your PlayStation 5 is turned off so that your controller won’t be paired to it. We also recommend that the console is unplugged so that messing with the controller won’t turn it on, either.

Once you have that ready to go, make sure that your iPhone has Bluetooth turned on. To do this, go to Settings and into the Bluetooth section, which is one of the top options. Tap on the slider at the top so that the white circle is on the right and the space to the left is green. This means your phone can now detect and connect with Bluetooth.

Take your DualSense, then press and hold down the Share button (located to the left of the touchpad) and the PS button (in the center of the controller, under the touchpad). After holding them down for a certain amount of time, the controller will pulse a blue light under the touchpad, which means that it is pairing and able to be detected.

Go onto your phone and look for the DualSense to appear on the list of devices. Tap on it and the two will connect and pair with each other.