How to participate in the Horizon Arcade in Forza Horizon 5

Get ready to hit the Arcade.

Image via Xbox Game Studios

In Forza Horizon 4, Turn 10 Studios implemented #Forzathon Live, a series of limited-time events that started at the top every hour, and ran for around 10-20 minutes. Throughout that time, you and several other players from the Lobby were tasked with meeting several group goals, in order to win points and prizes. #Forzathon Live has been re-imagined in Forza Horizon 5 with the Horizon Arcade. You will need to complete Horizon Arcade events for weekly challenges, and for Accolades, and here’s how you can enter one.

To play in the Horizon Arcade, you will first need to find an active event. There is a couple of ways to find a Horizon Arcade event. Anna, who will notify you of any activity in the Horizon Festival, may change your desired destination to the Horizon Arcade event should one be happening close to your area. Or, you could look at the World Map to find a Horizon Arcade event.

Horizon Arcade events will be depicted in the World Map by a pink circle. In order to enter an event, you must drive into the circle before the entry time for the event runs out. Once you’ve entered an event, you can begin the even with the group.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Several Horizon Arcade events are typically run every hour. Be on the lookout in the map for these events.