How to Pentameld in Final Fantasy XIV

Add the most powerful Materia to your equipment in Final Fantasy XIV.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The process of Pentamelding can be an extremely pricey adventure in Final Fantasy XIV. What this means is that instead of placing the standard two Materia into the slots of your armor, you put in an additional two to three, depending on if you want to continue pushing your luck. The problem with this process is that it has a high failure rate, so it’s incredibly likely you will lose Materia trying this. Here’s what you need to know about how to Pentameld in Final Fantasy XIV.

Before attempting Pentameld, you’ll need to complete a specific quest to unlock the ability to try it called Melding Materia Muchly. You can do this by speaking with Mutamix Bubblypots in Central Thanalan at coordinates (X:23, Y:13). You will need to be at least level 19 with any Disciple of the Hand profession, starting with the quest Waking the Spirit, which you can grab from F’hobhas in Central Thanalan at coordinates (X:23, Y:13). Melding Materia Muchly’s quest gives you access to Advanced Materia Melding.

After completing the quest, you can wait until you reach the maximum level for your character’s Job and grab the highest equipment you want to use. You’ll then have the chance to meld the Materia onto your gear. So long as the item does not say ‘advanced melding forbidden’ in it, you have the opportunity to place in additional pieces of Materia beyond the standard two that you see. You can try to put in more to add two or three Materia, but you will likely lose quite a bit of Materia doing this.

We recommend reaching out or finding a high-level crafter to do this for you. They’ve likely gone through the process several times and know how to do it, especially if you don’t want to personally meld the Materia to your equipment. If you bring the Materia to potentially lose, you should be good to go.