How to plant seeds and harvest crops in Valheim

It’s time to make this land yours.

When there are so many locations for you to visit in Valheim, it can feel overwhelming about how much land you have to cover. When you do set down roots, you want to have as much access to all of the essentials, such as food, resources, and defenses from monsters. Food can be a difficult challenge. You can get over this by taming boar and having it inside a pen near your property. Another method is to plant seeds in the ground and harvesting them after they’re fully grown.

How to plant seeds

A common seed you’ll find in the Black Forest is carrot seeds. While there are carrot seeds, you seldom find carrots in this location unless you plant them. Unfortunately, while you can find the carrot seeds pretty fast, the item you need to make to plant, a cultivator, can take a bit of time. You first need to build a forge. You learn how to build a forge by obtaining a Surtling Core. You can find a Surtling Core by taking down a Surtling, a creature that appears in multiple biomes, such as the ashland, plains, or swamp, or by looting one from a dungeon.

Earlier on in the game, you’ll find it much easier to loot Surtling Cores through the dungeons, but when you encounter the Surtling in the wild, the cores become much more common. After you obtain the Surtling core, you learn how to build a smelter and a charcoal kiln. Once you make the smelter, then you can finally make the forge. It’s an entire process that is a little bit time consuming, but because all of the worlds are randomly generated, some players might find it easier than others based on how their world is populated. When you have your forge up and running, you can create your after you successfully create a bronze ingot cultivator.

Here are all of the materials you’ll need to gather up after you’ve discovered how to craft a cultivator.

  • 5 Bronze ingots
  • 5 Core Wood

The core wood comes from the larger birch and pine trees. You can find these in the Black Forest or the Meadows. There are several trees all over Valheim that drop them, so locating this resource shouldn’t be a problem.

With your cultivator, you need first to cultivate the ground and then take the seed of whatever you want to use and build it as if you were going to craft a building. You can later use the fully grown carrot to craft even better food inside of a cauldron.