How to Play Apex Legends Three Strikes Post Malone Event Game Mode

Post Malone’s Three Strikes event in Apex Legends is live, but players need to tweak their strategies to learn how to play it well.


Image via Respawn Entertanment

The Three Strikes partnership event between Post Maone and Apex Legends is now live. The artist’s in-game experiences inspired the new mode in one of his favorite titles, but it’s quite different from what players are used to. Luckily, it’s not that hard to pick up and play.

Three Strikes Mode in Apex Legends takes the traditional match experience and turns a few things on their head. Players can respawn faster, are invincible unless killed while downed, and entire teams can respawn twice. It’s a far cry from the fast-paced standard game modes, but it’s something that’s surprisingly easy to get into.

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How to Start Three Strikes Games in Apex Legends

Image via Respawn Entertainment

To start a Three Strikes game in Apex Legends, players must select the new mode from the roster. To do this, they need to open the game modes menu by selecting the image in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. By default, it should show Trios or the last game mode played.

Note that the game mode doesn’t go live until November 7, 2023.

Then, players will be able to scroll over to and select Three Strikes. This is a time-limited event only available for two weeks during Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite, so players should pay attention to how long is left to play it. Once the mode has been selected, players can ready up for a match, and they’ll go through the usual character selection screens.

How to Play Three Strikes in Apex Legends

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Three Strikes game mode in Apex Legends has a few new rules for players to pay attention to. They’re almost the polar opposite of Ranked Mode for those that want a less sweaty experience. They don’t break the game, but they make for an experience that’s quite different from what fans will be used to, so they need to adapt if they want to win.

First, players won’t lose health and die once downed. They need to be pursued and killed once they’re in the downed state because they’ll keep moving toward their teammates if they aren’t. This can be used advantageously by players who get downed a lot, allowing them to move into cover and hide from their enemies while other players take out the enemy.

It’s worth remembering that a kill isn’t exactly a kill when playing Three Strikes, though. Keeping this in mind will force all players to be more ruthless. Those that aren’t are making a mistake, and that can be exploited, so always remember to put down enemies with bullets or finishers and hide until revived when downed.

The second most important change to remember in this game mode is that revives are faster. Players can be downed and revived before there’s a chance to get close and finish them. Use explosives to clear rooms and gain control of an area before taking a risk like a finisher.

Finally, all teams can respawn twice with most of their equipment in Three Strikes mode in Apex Legends. While a few items are excluded from the respawned loadout, shields, ammo, and most weapons will remain. This allows teams to come back stronger if they hit a fight and get completely destroyed.

On the opposite end, this means that more teams will be dropping into the map over the course of the match. Later circles are going to be crazy as teams die to the ring closing or get eaten by a group holding a choke point. Even those ratting will respawn twice, meaning death can literally rain from above, throwing every strategy out the window.