How to play co-op in Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is a unique sci-fi adventure that you shouldn’t experience by yourself.

Screengrab via Typhoon Studios

Journey to the Savage Planet is a wacky sci-fi adventure where you find yourself in a brand new world as a new member of the Pioneer Program. While you have limited equipment available to you while you explore, you have the chance to engage the adventure with a friend who can lend you a hand. There’s a particular way to getting a co-op game started, though.

First off, there is no local multiplayer available with the game. If you want to have a co-op experience, both you and a friend need to purchase the game. When you do that, one of you needs to choose to go to the host the game in the Cooperative option from the game’s main menu. When the server loads up, invite your friend when you’re ready to have them join the game.

The person hosting holds all of the information, such as save data and progress, so when you and your friend want to pick up the game again, the person who hosts needs to start the multiplayer session again. However, both players earn achievements for their profiles, so there’s no worry there about making sure those count for both players.

You don’t have to stick next to your co-op partner, either. The two of you can explore the planet separately and discuss what you find, but make sure to meet back up to compare notes every once in a while. The two of you can decide to take on the planet together because who doesn’t love to explore something goofy with a friend? Journey to the Savage Planet is all about finding goofy, unique features in a fun adventure.