How To Play Gears 5 Early


Gears 5 is almost upon us, with less than a full week away from officially releasing. However, some players might be a bit more eager to jump into the game than others — those who have the option to get into the game a full four-days before the initial release. While Gears 5 officially releases on Sept. 10, the developers are providing the possibility to get players in the game on Sept. 6, a weekend ahead of schedule. If that sounds appealing to you, here’s how you go about getting into the game earlier.

How To Play Gears 5 Early

Pre-order The Ultimate Edition

One reliable option to get into the game four-days early is to pre-order the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition. You’re going to get a heap of other bonuses, too, such as a 30-day boost for multiplayer, and various weapon skins. You do need to make sure you grab this early, though, because if you don’t catch it before Sept. 5, you’re likely not going to get in. You do need to make sure you acquire the game’s digital version, though, as the physical version of the Ultimate edition does not come with access to the four-days.

You have two options available to you. There’s the typical Ultimate Edition you can pick up from a variety of retailers, each with a unique weapon skin attached to their company. We have a full list of your pre-order options available to you on this article. However, if you want to show how big of a Gears of War fan you are, you can also go down the route of grabbing the game’s Collector’s Edition. You’re going to get a lot more physical and in-game gear if you go this route, such as a flyable drone of Jack if you want it.

For anyone who grabs the Collector’s Edition, you need to make sure you pick up the Ultimate Edition of the game. You can choose to grab the Collector Edition goodies but still go for the standard game option.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

The second option players have to get into Gears 5 earlier is to go for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate edition. Unlike the Ultimate Edition for the Gears 5 game, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription service to a library of different games available on the Xbox Game Pass. This option is a step above the standard game pass, granting players access to the Xbox Game Pass from their desktop and their Xbox One. It’s exceptionally cheap right now, too, giving players the option to buy-in for $2, rather than the traditional $14.99 a month.

If you’re interested in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate edition only for the chance to play Gears 5 early, make sure you turn off the subscription service when you’re finished. You’ll have access to the store for the month you paid for, but you want to make sure you don’t forget about it, keep paying for it, and never use the service.