How to get Grounded online multiplayer to work

Survive the dangerous world of the backyard with friends in Grounded.


The new survival action game from Obsidian, Grounded, entered Early Access today, and many players are jumping into to its shrunken playground. While the game can be played solo, we are sure most of you are playing with friends to make the most of it. However, playing with people online right now, while possible, isn’t a very easy process at the moment.

Online multiplayer with friends is completely possible, but there are a few extra steps that you have to take. When you are in the game, go to the Pause Menu, then go to Player List and you will see that one of the “Upcoming Features” is to send Game Invites. This is the easiest route and, as of right now, it isn’t in the game.

However, you can still play with friends by using one of following two options:

1. Xbox Game Bar/Menu

If you are playing on PC, you can hit Windows+G to bring up the Xbox Game Bar. From there, look at your Friends List, find the friend you want to join, click on them, and select “Join Game.”

If you’re playing on Xbox, navigate to your Friends List, select the friend you’re wanting to join, and select “Join Game.”

2. Join Online Game

The other option you can choose is to go through the game’s main menu. From there, select Multiplayer, then choose “Join Online Game.” You can then choose “Search in friends” and then your friend should show up in the list of games to join. It’s also important to note that players need to be in Multiplayer mode in order to play with friends.

Grounded is available in early access now on PC and Xbox One.