How to fart in Goose Goose Duck, and what it does

Let it rip.

Image via Gaggle Studios

While most people will look at a game like Goose Goose Duck and instantly call it an Among Us clone, this game does quite a few things to differentiate itself. On the wackier side of things, it lets players fart as much as they want. Is there any real use for this? Here is how to fart in Goose Goose Duck and what it does.

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How do you fart in Goose Goose Duck?

If you are seeing someone fart up a storm in Goose Goose Duck and want to do it yourself, it is pretty simple. First, you need to have a fart equipped. Go to Collection or a locker in a pre-game lobby and select the fart icon under Customize. You will have to spend silver coins to unlock one, but once you do, it will immediately be equipped. After a fart is equipped, you can let it loose by pressing F on your keyboard or tapping your character on mobile.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Farts in Goose Goose Duck are just emotes. They have a little image accompanying them, so you can let others know how you feel through your gas. They have no other bearing on the game and do not affect anyone in any way. If you are a big fan of this kind of potty humor, you can continually fart throughout a match until you are eventually killed by others being so fed up with you.

If you ever get tired of hearing other people fart in the game, you can open up your settings and check the Silent but Deadly Farts box. This will make it so they no longer make noises, but you will still see the cloud puff out of the perpetrator when they do it.