How to play Trick or Treat in Goose Goose Duck

This Vampire sucks.

Image via Gaggle Studios

If traditional games of Goose Goose Duck are starting to feel a little tiring, you may think about changing things up a little. Luckily, the game does have some additional side modes that you and your friends can play that deliver the traditional gameplay but are modified to feel like something else. Here is how to play Trick or Treat in Goose Goose Duck.

The Trick or Treat mode in Goose Goose Duck can essentially be summarized as a combination between the Classic game mode and a game of Halo Zombies. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a role like normal. If you are a Goose, you will be a Villager. Whoever is a Duck will be the Vampire.

Once the game begins, the Villagers will go around, and complete tasks like normal as the Vampire starts to kill them. The difference is that Villagers can not call meetings, and if the Vampire kills you, you will respawn as a Thrall, essentially a zombie that will then try to kill other Villagers.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As the game goes on, random modifiers will change up the game. For example, you may see a message that Thralls can see Villagers on their maps or they have increased speed. Meetings will be called after Villagers have completed a certain number of tasks where they can vote out the Vampire to win. If all Villagers are turned into Thralls, the Vampire wins.