How to play with friends in multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise

Jump into hunts with your friends in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Joining hunts with your friends and other players in Monster Hunter Rise is helpful to take on stronger monsters and obtain some of the higher quality materials you need for your equipment. You’ll be able to jump into hunts seamlessly with your friends, and you can do this from a single location from the village. Here’s how you can play with your friends in multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise.

When you’re ready to jump into a game with your friends, make your way to the front of the village and speak with Senri the Mailman, a Palico standing on a red box you can talk with, next to Fugen the Elder in the Steelworks portion of the area.

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Upon speaking with Senri, the first option you have to select is playing the game online. Click on it, and you’ll have the option to find a lobby, create a lobby, connect to hunters, or search by lobby ID. If you want to host the game, select to create a lobby. If a friend is hosting the game, choose to search by lobby ID, and make sure your provides the requirements to locate it.

For those who want to sync with random players online, you can always choose to find a lobby, choosing the quest type you want to do, the target you want to hunt, the minimum and maximum Hunter Rank, and the language. However, for those strictly looking to play with friends, creating a lobby and searching by lobby ID will be your primary options.

After you sync up with your friends in the lobby, all you have to do is go to the Gathering Hub Quest area to select what quest you want to undergo and begin the hunt. Make sure everyone has had time to readjust their equipment and eat Dango before starting.