How to prevent a teammate from going M.I.A in Rainbow Six Extraction

Nobody gets left behind.

Image via Ubisoft

Going M.I.A is very unfortunate for any operator. What’s worse is needing to spend the time to rescue an operator once they have disappeared in a map. Of course, nobody ever means to go M.I.A, but when you get surrounded by Archaeans, sometimes you can’t help it. Here is how you can prevent a teammate from going M.I.A in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When an operator goes M.I.A, that means they have disappeared on the map. When this happens, you will see a foam cover the operator, and the game will alert you that you have an operator down. You will need to go back to where that operator disappeared and rescue them. Sure, you get experience for saving their life, but this scenario can be avoided.

When playing online with a team, you will have two downed states; DBNO (down but not out) and K.O. You can be revived when in the DBNO state; you can’t be revived when you get K.O’d. When this happens, the foam will cover the operator that went down, and you will receive a new mission.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This mission will task you with saving the operator and bringing them to the extraction pod. If you manage to carry a K.O’d teammate to the extraction pod and extract without getting K.O’d yourself, they will fly back with you. This will prevent your teammate from needing to rescue their operator later on (preventing them from losing experience is just icing on the cake).