How to process 3 ingredients in Genshin Impact

Get cooking.

Genshin Impact

Cooking is an important aspect of Genshin Impact, and one of the earliest parts of it you will need to get to grips with is processing three ingredients to progress a quest. It’s not particularly difficult, just a little bit confusing when you are first trying to figure out how to do it.

All cooking in the game is done with ingredients that you will collect out in the world or buy from vendors. Many of these ingredients will be good to use straight away, but some of them will need to be processed.

To process ingredients you will need to find a cooking fire that will allow you to cook. You can once again find these all over the map, including in the many towns that you will find. They will be marked by a spoon and fork symbol on the minimap, and you can find one in Mondstadt, the first town that you will end up visiting.

Interact with the cooking fire and then switch to the second tab, which is called Process. Here you will get a list of the ingredients that you have in your inventory that you can actually process. All you need to do to process the item is to select it, enter the amount of it you wish to process, and then wait while it happens.

All ingredients have a timer for processing, which could be up to a minute or more. You can queue up lots of items for processing, then go and play a different part of the game, and return later to collect all your processed ingredients. Just interact with the cooking fire, go to Process, and then hit the prompted button to obtain your processed ingredients. You will need plenty of processed ingredients to cook some of the game’s more complex recipes.