How to purchase an agency in GTA Online: The Contract

Be an agent for VIP clients.

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With the release of The Contract DLC, players can now purchase Agencies in Grand Theft Auto Online. Agencies are where you can start making money in a new way and work your way up to meeting Dr. Dre. Agencies come with various options to choose from, including a brand new vehicle workshop. Here is everything you need to know about buying an agency in GTA Online.

How to buy an agency

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Once you get into the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V, pull up your phone and navigate over to the Dynasty8 Executive site. Here you will see all the new available agency properties. Browse through each selection to see which one best fits you. The prices of the properties are as follows.

  • Little Seoul: $2,010,000
  • Vespucci Canals: $2,145,000
  • Rockford Hills: $2,415,000
  • Hawick: $2,830,000

Each of the new properties is pretty expensive without the additional upgrades you can add to them. You can choose new art, wallpaper, and highlights for the building. You can also add an accommodation wing, armory, and vehicle workshop. Here is the price for each.

  • Art: $265,000 – $340,000
  • Wallpaper: $208,500 – $442,500
  • Highlights: $100,000
  • Armory: $720,000
  • Accommodation: $275,000
  • Vehicle Workshop: $800,000

Be careful what you choose because you can come close to spending $6,000,000 on one of these agencies if you want to add all the bonuses to it. Best to save up your money a bit first before making such a massive purchase.