How to put trash bags in the Dumpsters in Kill It With Fire – Take Out the Trash objective

Time to take out the trash.

Kill it with Fire

Screengrab via tinyBuild

When you’re trying to keep the creepy crawlies out, a messy house not only manifests spiders and other bugs, but it’s a major inconvenience to you too. Appropriate then that Kill it with Fire’s fourth level is named Major Inconvenience, set inside a gas station forecourt. 

As you progress with culling of the game’s spider population, you will eventually unlock the back yard area of the station, and there will be a number of objectives available for you to pick-up and complete. One of these is ‘Take out the trash’, where the game asks you to find and place all of the trash bags in the dumpsters provided. You need five overall to complete the objective.

These are scattered but not too difficult to find. Simply pick the bags up with the E key, and then drop them in the dumpster with the E key or use the left mouse button to throw them in. Don’t worry about throwing the trash bag over the fence as an invisible wall will stop it from doing so.

The first trash bag is between the two dumpsters. You can’t miss it. 

The second trash bag is on top of the rear of the truck that’s in the middle of the yard. You will need to jump to grab it. The third is on the reel of wiring that is next to the truck.

For the forth, you need to head towards the water tower, and then as you turn right, you will see reels of wiring, and the trash bag is behind them. 

The final one requires you go through the container furthest right in the yard, requiring you to have killed 12 spiders. Once unlocked, the trash bag is there, along with a concealed tent area that contains the silenced pistol weapon and a battery collectible. 

After placing the last trash bag in the dumpster, it will then trigger the objective as complete.