How to quickly summon and use Astrae in Astria Ascending

Astrae are gods who can fight on your behalf.

Image via Artisan Studios

You’ll encounter several unique enemies throughout the vast world of Astria Ascending. The most difficult of which are Astrae, the game’s bosses, and you’ll meet quite a few on your journey. However, you will end up summoning them to fight on your side. Doing so can drastically change the flow of battle and, in some cases, is highly encouraged due to how challenging Astria can be. Here’s how you can bring them out in a pinch.

Astrae must be summoned to the battlefield. Only one character — Alassia — has access to the ability at the beginning of the game, with others learning it later. To summon them, you must spend a percentage of HP; only then can they be brought out. Keep in mind, they will replace the entire party. They’re helpful when things are looking dire for your team, and you need to soak up damage and deal out as much as you can.

Make sure the summoner has enough HP and at least two Focus to summon the Astrae. If they don’t, you won’t be able to. You also won’t be able to bring out an Astrae if doing so will knock the character to zero HP. So, make sure you have a White Mage on the field to heal or have plenty of healing potions.

Astrae needs at least one Focus to remain on the field. Once all Focus has been spent, or they drop to zero HP, they return to the summoner. You should build up a small reserve of Focus before summoning an Astrae. To do so effectively, either build your pool up by having every character, but the summoner choose Focus on their turn or attack enemies with elements they are weak against. That reserve pool of Focus is used for Astrae’s special abilities.

It’s also a good idea to note the attacks and abilities of Astrae. Attacking enemies that are weak to certain abilities or attacks ensures you always have enough Focus to keep the Astrae out.

  1. Make sure the summoner has enough HP to summon the Astrae
  2. Build up a pool of Focus. One is needed to summone the Astrae. More are needed for special abilities.
  3. Use attacks enemies are weak against to quickly stockpile Focus.