How to raise the altars – Sky Dragons quest – Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths of the Eastern Realm

The dragons are hungry.

Image via Ubisoft

Even dragons need to eat, and in the Sky Dragons quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths of the Eastern Realm, you will need to find them some sustenance. This will involving raising a dragon alter by solving some puzzles.

A hole will open up in the ground beneath you, so drop down and then head around to the left. You will find an energy wall with some targets behind it, and it will take a little bit of mechanical manipulation to get what you need. The aim here is to find two cubes that you can place on the pressure pads in front of the statue, which will cause it to rise up.

Climb up beside the energy wall, and use telekinesis to grab the blue cube and move it over to the energy panel acting as a floor. Drop down and stand on the small pressure pad, then hit both the targets with arrows. The blue cube will drop down, and you can grab it with telekinesis while still standing on the pad, take it one of the large pressure pads in the center, then hit it with the axe to make it large enough to full press it down.

To get the second cube, turn around and walk away from the alter. You will find a corridor with a hole in the roof. Jump up and you will see a barred door with a cube, and a target inside. Shoot the target to cause the door to lift up, then hit the cube with the axe and get it out the door. You might need to hit the target again if you run out of time.

When you have freed the cube, bring it to the pressure pads and place it on the empty one, then make it large again to complete the puzzle.