How to get the Gold Blooded Ace skin in Fortnite

Become infamous.


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Fortnite’s Most Wanted event is now live, tasking players with raising their Heat level in each match to earn more Infamy and take on tougher enemies in addition to other players. One of the best rewards available in this event is the Gold Blooded Ace skin. This guide explains how to get the skin so that you can make the most of this time-limited event.

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How can you get the Gold Blooded Ace skin in Fortnite?

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There are two ways to get the Gold Blooded Ace skin in Fortnite. First, you can buy the skin for 48,000 Infamy. This will cost you 1,800 V-Bucks if you don’t complete any challenges or earn Infamy in any other way. It will work out cheaper if you play Fortnite and earn Infamy during the event but don’t quite reach that lofty goal of 48,000 Infamy.

The second way you can get the Gold Blooded Ace skin in Fortnite, possibly one of the rarest skins in the game, is by earning Infamy. To do this, you must complete the time-limited challenges for the event, available until February 28. The challenges task you with doing things like raising your Heat level, completing Intel and Recon Quests, collecting Gold Bars, and even picking up heavy weapons. More challenges will be unlocked over the course of the event, eventually allowing you to earn the 48,000 Infamy required to unlock this skin. However, it’s likely that you’ll need to complete all or most of the challenges to unlock this skin since it’s the final reward in the Most Wanted event’s reward track.

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Fortnite’s Most Wanted event quests can only be completed in standard battle royale matches. In these, you’ll need to fight other players but also compete with the new Heat system. As you kill other players, collect gold bars, and commit other notorious crimes, you’ll gain Heat. The higher this level rises, the more visible you are on the map to other players and the more hostile Cold Blooded members will be towards you. Gaining Heat is the only way to succeed, but it’s not without its dangers, so be vigilant.