Fortnite School of Llama web event – Dates, rewards, and more

Nab cosmetics based on The Witcher as well as thousands of XP through this web-based questline.

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Previous Fortnite seasons have been known to hold at least one unique web-based event, and now Chapter 4 Season 1 has continued that tradition. Its new School of Llama questline essentially functions as an interactive webpage that lends players quests every week, with each rewarding XP, Emoticons, or detailed cosmetics themed after fantasy franchise The Witcher. This guide will break down everything you need to know about the limited-time Fortnite School of Llama event.

How to join the Fortnite School of Llama

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Being a web-based event, you will not find any mention of School of Llama in-game. Instead, players can begin progressing through its quests by first signing up through its dedicated webpage. Additionally, you will need to log into your Epic Games account in order to participate and receive any cosmetics earned from its challenges. Once that’s done, the page will lend you one in-game challenge after another until you have finished one of its four reward paths. At the time of writing, these tasks range from catching fish, eliminating players, to visiting particular Creative islands.

When do Fortnite School of Llama quests and paths release?

Similar to weekly challenges, School of Llama’s webpage will dawn a new path full of quests every Tuesday at 4 AM ET until February 28. Although each path consists of a demanding nine quests, you will have until March 10 to complete any of them, and they can be done in any order once more come out. If you are jumping into School of Llama late, we recommend checking each path’s final rewards on the webpage, as some are arguably better than others.

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All Fortnite School of Llama rewards

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In total, there are 16 rewards that can be obtained through the School of Llama event. Some of these goods will only be earned in-game once their paths are finished, while others are granted after doing a path’s respective Creative map challenge. More importantly, the cosmetics are only available through School of Llama, so expect these to be incredibly rare once the event is over. You can find all Fortnite School of Llama rewards and their unlock methods below, organized by cosmetic type.

RewardsHow to unlock
Witcher’s Silver Sword PickaxeComplete the final task in Path 1
Geralt of Rivia Lobby TrackComplete the final task in Path 2
80,000 XP Complete the final task in Path 3
80,000 XPComplete the final task in Path 4
School of the Cat EmoticonFinish Path 1
School of the Griffin EmoticonFinish Path 2
School of the Viper EmoticonFinish Path 3
School of the Bear EmoticonFinish Path 4
School of Llama EmoticonComplete all creator-made islands in School of Llama
School of the Manticore EmoticonComplete the final task in all paths
AXII Sign Banner IconComplete the AXII Challenge Island
QUEN Sign Banner IconComplete the QUEN Challenge Island
AARD Sign Banner IconComplete the AARD Challenge Island
IGNI Sign Banner IconComplete the IGNI Challenge Island
YRDEN Sign Banner IconComplete the YRDEN Challenge Island
School of the Wolf SprayComplete the final task in all paths