How to rank up characters quickly in Dead By Daylight

A worthy offering must be made to earn more bloodpoints.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Whether you mainly use killers or survivors, ranking up characters in Dead by Daylight can often be one of its most tedious tasks. Grinding out Bloodpoints in order to level up becomes especially difficult because not all matches are going to have the same conditions and some will most likely end up not going in your favor. However, with the help of a few survivor and killer specific perks, offerings, and add-ons, the laborious struggle to amass Bloodpoints becomes a little more bearable. Here’s our guide on how to rank up characters quickly in Dead by Daylight.

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How to rank up Survivors quickly in Dead by Daylight

Ranking survivors up quickly can be made easier through the use of a Bloodpoint-focused perk build in addition to bringing an add-on and an offering to a match. Bloodpoint gains are directly affected by repairing generators, staying alive, unhooking and healing other survivors, engaging in a chase with the killer, and ultimately escaping. With this in mind, the ideal perk build for a survivor should largely focus on maximizing your ability to escape and help others as these are the factors that you can control.

Using a perk build consisting of Prove Thyself, Bond, We’ll Make It, and an exhaustion perk of your choice, such as Dead Hard, Lithe, or Sprint Burst to help during chases, is one way of increasing the Bloodpoints you earn after a game. Prove Thyself is particularly useful since it grants 50 / 75 / 100% bonus bloodpoints for cooperative actions. When combined with Bond, it becomes even more potent as you’ll be able to find allies around the map easily. Even more important than perks is the use of offerings like the Escape! Cake and Survivor Pudding, both of which grant bonus Bloodpoints in all categories.

How to rank up Killers quickly in Dead by Daylight

With the removal of the Bloodpoint boost previously available through the Barbecue & Chilli perk, the quickest way of ranking up killers in Dead by Daylight currently is by achieving a grade of Merciless Killer on the tallied results page at the end of a game. In order to obtain a Merciless Killer result, an iridescent emblem must be acquired in at least 3 of the 4 Killer categories. The most efficient way of acquiring iridescent emblems is by bringing killer specific add-ons and a meta focused perk build.

An example of a current meta build would consist of Eruption, Deadlock, Sloppy Butcher, and Discordance. Both Eruption and Deadlock slow generator repair progression significantly, Sloppy Butcher forces survivors to heal much slower, and Discordance is a great information perk that lets you see when two or more survivors are working on a generator. This is only one build out of a hundred combinations that you can experiment with, but as long as you pair it with killer specific add-ons and Bloodpoint boosting offerings, you’ll be well on your way to ranking up any killer you want with ease.