How to Ransack in Humankind

Take what you need.

Image via Sega

Attacking lairs and acquiring resources can be done through more aggressive tactics in Humankind. If you have an army moving around the world, you might encounter a location that looks like a suitable area for you to Ransack. You will need a small army force available to Ransack, and if they do, your Empire can profit from the action. This guide details how to Ransack and what it does in Humankind.

You’ll only be able to Ransack specific locations on the map. You should see the area labeled as a ‘lair.’ These are random locations that you can find in the world, much like the Discovery points you can discover littered across the globe.

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You want to bring your military units to overlap that location, highlight them, and then choose to Ransack it. After clicking the Ransack icon, you’ll have to pick the site you want them to Ransack. Once they reach that destination, it will take a certain amount of time for them to Ransack it. Usually, it’s a single turn. After they finish taking it for your Empire, you’ll receive a small surplus of supplies for the endeavor, typically gold.

Your military units can also Ransack other locations, such as Sanctuaries, that you find on the map. They act just like the Lairs that you find on the map.