How to Read the Obelisk Symbols for the Corridors of Time Doors in Destiny 2

How to Read the Obelisk Symbols in Destiny 2

Bungie snuck in a brand new quest for you to grab from Osiris in Destiny 2. Approach him, and you should receive a task to complete called Traversing the Corridors of Time. There’s no set objective or detail of what you need to do. You need to go outside of the Sundial and explore the obelisks thrown throughout the solar system. Locate them, and they should have a series of symbols on them you need to write down.

Before you go to Osiris, visit one of the obelisks and walk up to them. They should have seven different symbols right in the middle of them. You can see the symbols my Tangled Shore obelisk had below. These are important to note because when you return to Osiris at the Sundial and enter the Corridors of Time, there are now symbols for each entrance you can go down. These symbols need to match the obelisk’s symbols, and you need to enter them in a specific order.

Tangled Shore Obelisk Symbols

Write these symbols down to make sure you remember them. You want to read them in a clockwise rotation, starting with the one at the upper right position, which is the flower symbol. Here’s the proper order of the symbols when you’re in the Corridors of Time:

  • Flower
  • Cross
  • Flower
  • Diamond with Three Flowers
  • Snake
  • Snake
  • Interlocking circles

You need to clockwise around the symbols and then finish on the center one. When you reach the final room in the Corridors of Time, you’ll find a piece of lore. To find all the pieces of lore, you need to visit every obelisk. The symbols change every hour, so you can’t wait too long to visit the obelisk and then check out the Corridors of Time at the Sundial.

Many players are still discovering the secrets hidden behind these obelisks and their connection with the Sundial. We may need to update this page in the future if we learn anything new.