How to recruit Lilryna in Disciples: Liberation

Join in the festivities and receive a Succubus ally.


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Depending on where you first travel when you gain access to various destinations, you might not come across Lilryna until later in the game. Lilryna resides in Heurik (A.K.A., the land filled with demons). This unit is also a Succubus, a powerful unit type that is capable of healing allies.

You may have mixed feelings about adding a demon to your roster, but it is well worth it. Succubi are pretty powerful allies. Here are Lilryna’s abilities:

  • Soul Drain: This attack deals unholy damage and heals Lilryna for 25% of the damage inflicted on the enemy. Inflicts weakened if the target is below 75% health.
  • Beguiling Charm: Raises morale of the target by two and heals their HP.
  • Dangerous Beauty (Passive): Whenever Lilryna gets hit, she inflicts the Demoralized status effect onto the enemy. This ability also grants Lilryna the Evasive status buff that increases her chance to evade an attack by 10%.
  • Sweet Kiss (Backline): Inflicts the Confused and Weakened status effects on the enemy with the lowest physical resistance.
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Lilryna can be found by traveling south from where you first enter Heurik. You will pass by a Health Fountain. Continue south from there, and you will see Lilryna in front of a building with two statues embedded in a cliff.

Talk to Lilryna to discover she has a party going on inside. You are presented with the option to join in, fight, or leave. Orion doesn’t think joining is a good idea, but as Avyanna would say, “when in Heurik, do as the demons do.” Take part in the party, and afterward, you will be able to recruit Lilryna. If you still have mixed feelings about having a demon in your party, you can always fight her, but that will end in her death.