Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Recruit Lump the Enlightened & Get Lump’s War Horn in BG3

Lump is a large ogre in Baldur's Gate 3, but if you can speak with him, there's a chance you can get him to come work for you.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s a Blighted Village where various groups of goblins roam around freely attacking and pillaging anyone still left there or those who visit it. Much of the village and the area is on fire, having been destroyed in the goblin raid. A large NPC you can find is named Lump the Enlightened, a large ogre.

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Lump insists that he and his small group of ogres could eat you, but you have the chance to win them over to your side if you’re willing to recruit them. Should you do, you’ll receive Lump’s War Horn, and you can summon them for assistance later in the adventure. Here’s what you need to know about how to recruit Lump the Enlightened in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Convince Lump the Enlightened in Baldur’s Gate 3

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You can find Lump while exploring the western part of the Blighted Village. He will be standing next to two other ogres, which do not share his same intelligence. When speaking with him, he will attempt to convince his allies to eat you and your party, unless you have the brand of the Absolute, or you can win a Deception roll against Lump during this Baldur’s Gate 3 encounter. If you’ve received the brand of the Absolute, you won’t need to use a roll against Lump.

After this roll, you can ask Lump why he does not wear a mark himself. Lump shares that he only works for the goblins because they pay him, and they’re able to sate his unending hunger. After learning this, you can try and convince Lump to work for you, and aid you in battle.

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Based on your available choices, you can choose to give Lump 500 gold to win him over, roll a Deception check to give him 1,000 gold after he and his orges fight for you, or you can roll a straight Persuasion check to convince him and his ogres to fight for you without being paid. Instead, they’ll eat everything they kill.

Of the three choices, the 500 gold is the most straightforward option in this Baldur’s Gate 3 encounter. I only recommend going the Deception or Persuasion option if your character can potentially roll high on these checks, or you have enough Inspiration reserved to reroll your dice. The best option is to Persuade Lump to do it for free, but it is the highest roll of the three choices.

Once you’ve made your decision between these three choices, and succeeded on your checks, Lump will give you his war horn. It will be in the inventory of your Baldur’s Gate 3 character, and you can choose to use it at any time to call their assistance in battle. You can find Lump’s War Horn in your inventory, and if you use it during battle, he and his cohorts will appear to assist you and your party in battle.

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