How to recruit people who don’t like DedSec in Watch Dogs: Legion

You have to earn their trust.

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Image via Ubisoft

Not everyone will appreciate what you and DedSec are doing in Watch Dogs: Legion. These individuals will stand out from the standard people you attempt to recruit to your team, but you want to work towards earning their trust. A good majority of the people who don’t like you have a variety of skills that you may want to use to your advantage. While recruiting them requires an additional skill for you to unlock, it’s well worth your time to spend your tech points on it and earn their trust.

When you examine an individual, you want to recruit to DedSec, the ones who don’t like you have a large red thumbs-down icon next to their name. While everyone in the game can be recruited, these individuals won’t immediately join your cause. Before you can approach them to give them the selling points on DedSec, you need to have the Deep Profiler tech upgrade unlocked. This tech upgrade allows you to learn more in-depth details about the character, such as their daily schedule and various investigation leads surrounding that person. You want to follow those leads to gain that individual’s trust.

You can pick from several investigations leads to recruit that person. The investigation lead takes you to a different location where you need to complete a minor task. After you complete it, return to that person, and you can now speak to them about joining DedSec. They’ll be a bit more eager than they were last time, and you now have a brand new, unique individual who has a few more upgrades than the average person you bumped into leaving a pub.