How to reduce controller lag in Diablo Immortal

Get things running better.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you are playing Diablo Immortal, you may consider connecting a controller and playing that way. While the game was made to be enjoyed on a phone screen, tapping the screen and having your fingers in the way all the time can be annoying and not feel great, which makes the game’s controller support so appreciated. However, some people have run into issues with their controllers displaying considerable delays and drift when playing. Here is how to reduce controller lag while playing Diablo Immortal.

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How to get rid of controller lag and drift in Diablo Immortal

Our first recommendation to reduce controller lag is to make sure that your controller’s batteries are not almost dead and, if you can, connect it directly to your game. If you are on a PC, plug in a cord, or if you are on a phone, use a controller made for phone play like the Razer Kishi or Backbone One.

When your controller is connected, make your way into the “Settings” and make sure that you have controller mode set to on. Additionally, make your way to the “Graphics” portion of “Settings” if you are on a PC. People have reported that turning off Vsync has fixed the issue of input lag for them.

Unfortunately, controllers in Diablo Immortal seem to be having some early bugs, and the above are the only ways we have found to ensure better performance. Even with these fixes, people are not having a seamless experience playing Diablo Immortal with their controllers. We recommend either swapping to the original way to play and waiting for an update if the experience is unplayable for you, which we can only hope isn’t too far off.