How to fix cross-progression not working in Diablo Immortal

Running into issues?

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While crossplay functionality in multiplatform games is a great feature, we believe that cross-progression should be included in every game that releases on various platforms. If you are playing Diablo Immortal, you can take your adventure with you on the go using your phone or by playing the port on your PC. This can be done by having your save progression cross-over if you connect your account. However, some people are running into issues with the cross-progression not working. Here is how to fix it.

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Diablo Immortal’s cross-progression saves not working

If you have connected your account on your phone version of Diablo Immortal and logged in on your PC but are not seeing your character, you first need to check and make sure you are playing on the same server. While all of your content does pull over between versions, characters are locked to the server that they were created on.

To change your server, go to the title screen of the game and click on the server name positioned above Tap to Play. There will be numerous servers to choose from around the world. Scroll down the list of servers and pay attention to the middle column that says Characters. Each server will list how many characters you have made on that server, so select the one with your character on it.

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If you recently linked your mobile game to your account, we also recommend waiting a little bit and ensuring you have received a confirmation email that your account is linked. While the process to do it takes only a few seconds, we didn’t receive a confirmation that it was complete for a little over an hour. Maybe check back later to see if your information has gone through.