How to reduce lag and boost FPS in Pokémon Unite

Running a little Slowbro?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lag is one of the most aggravating aspects gamers have to deal with in online games. Instead of playing at your best, you are forced into just trying to get by whenever you are given back complete control of your character. This is true for any online game, but in Pokémon Unite, you can have this problem as well. Here is how to reduce lag and increase FPS in Pokémon Unite.

The first step you should take in ensuring you have better FPS and less lag in Pokémon Unite is checking to make sure your internet connection is stable. If playing on Nintendo Switch, open up System Settings on the home page and go to the Internet section. If you choose Test Connection, you can find out your Upload and Download Speeds for your Switch to see how things are running. If it looks a little slow, try and place your Switch as close to your router as possible, but keep in mind that a wireless connection can only be so reliable.

We recommend hooking up your Switch dock directly to your router via an ethernet port for the most reliable connection. Unfortunately, to do this, you will need to purchase the Nintendo Switch OLED dock when it comes out in October 2021 or an Ethernet Adapter for your current Nintendo Switch dock.

Those are the best ways to ensure you have a reliable internet connection for when you play Pokémon Unite. If you enter the game and go to Settings, you can also choose to sacrifice some FPS by setting your Frame Rate to medium or low. We really do not recommend doing this because if it has any effect on your game performance, it will be minimal.