How to Refill Your Canteen in Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, you will walk hundreds of miles to deliver cargo to the remains of humanity. The only way to fuel all this work is with your canteen. You can drink from the canteen to replenish your stamina if it gets too low. Keep in mind; your first stamina bar will refresh with just a little rest. The canteen will replenish the bar beneath that, which represents the maximum amount of stamina you have at any given moment. But how do you refill your canteen?

How to Refill Your Canteen in Death Stranding

The first thing to understand about your canteen is that it can fill passively. If you are outside and it is raining, your canteen will slowly refill as it draws in water and filters it. The canteen seems to be able to filter out whatever Timefalls contain that make them so dangerous. If you want to drink from the canteen, hold left on the D-Pad, then pick it from the consumables menu to take a sip from it. Doing so will instantly refill your stamina bar, allowing you to run away from whatever has been chasing you.

If you are low on water, it is worth it to hang around in the rain, as long as no BTs are after you. It won’t refill your canteen fast, but it is enough to make a difference on those long deliveries.

Your canteen will also automatically refill when you visit your Private Room in any city or distribution center. You will have noticed all those cans of Monster Energy on the table, I assume. That is what is in your canteen, keeping you at a permanent risk of heart palpitations as you drag heavy cargo up a hill.

Now that you know how to refill your canteen in Death Stranding, you can be confident you will have enough liquids to keep you going on those long journeys.