How to register for the Back 4 Blood alpha

Want a chance at the Left 4 Dead successor?

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood has finally been unveiled and carries all of the Left 4 Dead goodness we have been waiting for. In a surprise announcement at The Game Awards, the game is set to release June 22nd, 2021, with a closed alpha test on December 17th. Here is how you can give yourself a chance to get in.

To register for the Back 4 Blood alpha test, you will need to go to the game’s official website. Near the top of the page underneath the new gameplay trailer (shown below), you will need to click on the red square that says Register Now.

Upon clicking on the square, a form will pop up for you to enter your email. Under that, be sure to check or uncheck the box to receive emails from WB Games. When ready, click Register, and you will be put on a screen that asks your internet speed. We are unsure if this will have any bearing on your chances to get into the alpha. After choosing your speed, click Steam for the platform you are interested in, as that is the only place the alpha will be playable in. Click continue, and your name will be put in to play the upcoming cooperative survival shooter.