Football Manager 2023: How To Register Players

Your Football team needs new players to join them, and this guide shows you how to recruit players in Football Manager 2023.

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Transfer season in football can be a wild time, especially if you are part of a team. If you’re playing Football Manager 2023, you’ll get the chance to experience this for yourself and the difficulty of trying to get players to join you.

Players will always jump around, but remember that those newcomers will need to be registered to participate in games. How can you register players in Football Manager 2023? Let’s go over what you need to know and the best way to approach this process.

How to register players in Football Manager 2023

To register players in Football Manager 2023, direct your attention to the left part of the main screen. You can find this in the primary area, and you’ll need to track down the ‘Squad’ tab and then click it. You can find it near the top-left part of the screen, underneath the “Inbox,” and above the “Squad Planner” tab on the main menu.

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This will bring you to the squad overview, where you can see all of the players on your squad, as well as their positions, health, and morale, among other attributes. Near the top should be a drop-down with the word ‘Overview.‘ Hover over it, and then change the setting to ‘Registration.’ To register a player, click the check mark next to that individual’s name.

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Keep in mind that in some parts of the year, you won’t be able to register new footballers. This may be why you occasionally won’t see this option. You will, however, need to make use of this function often during transfer season. New transfers must be registered with their club in order to play, so keep that in mind.

The process is relatively straightforward in Football Manager 2023, but again, I find it important to keep in mind when you can and cannot recruit new players. It’s also important to make sure you have a coach who is constantly Scouting and recruiting for your team, as they can help draw new talent to your team, making your life much easier whenever you need to recruit a new roster of players to your Football team.