How to repair your shield in Worms Rumble

Don’t underestimate the power of artificial sugars.

With so many bombastic weapons in Worms Rumble, maintaining your health may be the worst of your worries. This is especially true because each player is only given half a bar of shield protection at the start of each game. Even though it is never formally introduced, there is a way to fully repair your shield at any time.

What item repairs your shield?

Unfortunately, the very plentiful health packs are not the solution. Instead, the small soda cans that are kept in certain chests will give you a full shield. Like the health packs, you can see if you have any by checking the left side of your inventory.

Are these found in chests?

From what we’ve seen, these soda cans are almost exclusively inside of green chests. Typically, it’s best to begin the game in a less populated spawn and hunt for green chests from there – with so many others spawning in places with red and blue chests. 

In Last Squad Standing and Last Worm Standing, it appears the chances of pulling one is greatly reduced altogether – so don’t stress if you don’t see any for a few matches. You can also try your luck at calling in care packages. It isn’t guaranteed, but these pink crates have small odds of holding this special item.