How to request better equipment in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Request an upgrade without the hassle.

Evo Shields

Image via Respawn

We’ve all been there — that moment where you have a Level 1 Backpack, or Evo Shield, or Helmet, and you’re not content. If you are playing Apex Legends with voice chat on, you might tell your teammate that you need a better Backpack. But with no voice chat, the best chance you got is typing it out and hoping no enemy team sneaks up on you. Well, that is no more. Season 9: Legacy has introduced a new ask function to go along with the basic request you get from pinging an empty slot. Here is how it works.

For the sake of this guide, we are going to use a Backpack as our example piece of loot we need. Previously, the request function only worked if you had an open slot. Pinging or middle-clicking with the mouse on an empty backpack slot would send out a call to your teammates saying “I need a backpack.”

Now, with the request changes, you will still be able to middle-click even if you have a backpack, in order to request a better one. So, if you have a Level 1 Backpack, you can middle-click it to tell your teammates “I need a better backpack.” The same applies to other equipment as well.

If you already have the highest tier of a piece of equipment, you cannot request a better piece, as no better alternative exists.