How to rescue Jaina and earn 250 Soul Ash in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

O captain your captain

Image via Blizzard

The story of Highlord Bolvar Fordragon moves ahead in this week’s quests for Torghast in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. A two-part quest involves a pair of trips through the tower, which will net you a rescued Jaina Proudmoore and a total of 250 Soul Ash for your effort.

Rescuing Jaina, part 1

Before you begin in Torghast, make sure you have 10 Phantasma saved up. You’ll need this for purchases during the first part of this quest line.

Talk to Bolvar and pick up the quest named Information for a Price. This will send you through a typical run of Torghast, and while you’re there, you need to buy two items inside:

  • On Floor 3, find Broker Ve’ken, who will sell you the Coded Notes for 5 Phantasma
  • On Floor 6, look for Broker Ve’nott, who sells Ice-Encrusted Debris for another 5 Phantasma

Finish your run through Torghast and return to Bolvar. Turning in Information for a Price will get you 50 Soul ash.

Rescuing Jaina, part 2

Your next quest is Tormet Champer: Jaina. When you accept, you’ll go back into Torghast, but you’ll stop at the central hub inside the tower. There’s a portal that takes you to a specific area where Jaina is located; once you teleport in, you might recognize the visual design from the previous week’s resuce mission for Baine. Fight your way to the sixth floor, defeating Tractus, and you will free Lady Jaina.

Head back to Bolvar and turn in the quest for an additional 200 Soul Ash.