How to research and add spells to Avyanna’s spell book in Disciples: Liberation

The spell book contains Twilight, Divine, Primal, and Unholy spells.

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Along your journey through Disciples: Liberation, Avyanna will be able to learn new spells. Each one she comes across can be added to her spellbook and used during combat. In the beginning, she only has access to one healing spell, but with time, she can gain access to powerful attacks, defensive magic, and more powerful healing abilities. Here’s how to inscribe new spells into her spellbook.

Avyanna is a versatile warrior skilled with melee weapons and spells. While blades may serve her well in combat, having access to spells is undoubtedly helpful to her and the entire party. As she levels up and travels, she’ll find blueprints for new spells. However, to use them, she must first research them. Once you have a new blueprint, head to the castle at Yllian and select Research Spells.

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Avyanna can choose from Twilight, Divine, Primal, and Unholy spells. Before you can add the spell to Avyanna’s spellbook, you must meet specific requirements along with the blueprint. First, make sure the castle is upgraded to the necessary tier by collecting resources. As for gaining access to higher-tiered spells, head to your skill tree. When you level up, choose the skill that corresponds with the type of magic you wish to level up in your skill tree. Once you have the blueprint, the castle is the correct tier, and you select the skill in the skill tree, you will research the spell and add it to the spellbook.

If you aren’t thrilled with the spells you have access to, you can respec your skills in the castle as well.