How to respec skill points in Disciples: Liberation

Change your gameplay at a simple cost.


Image via Frima Studio

Each time you level up your main character in Disciples: Liberation, you receive a skill point you can assign in your skill tree. These skills grant you powerful passives that steadily stack up as you become more powerful in Disciples: Liberation. By putting more points into a single tree, you’ll be able to purchase higher-level skills and unlock more passive. Some of these skills are tied to the class of your character. If you ever want to change your points, you will need to visit a specific area.

Whenever you want to reset your skill points and select them all over again, you need to return to Yllian and interact with your castle. In the castle menu, underneath the Gather Resources tab, you’ll be able to reassign all of your skills to your main character. It does come with a cost, though. You have to pay 1,000 gold.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After paying the gold, you’ll be able to reselect your character’s class and choose everything again. Even though the choice does not detail you’ll be able to change your class, it’s the first thing you can do before selecting all of your skill points over again.

It’s a low-cost refund, too. The 1,000 gold price remains the same whenever you want to respect your skills or change your class, so feel free to revisit Yllian to change your mind to try out your favorite choices.