How to Restore Stamina in Death Stranding

Getting to every location in Death Stranding is going to come with individual, unique challenges. Not only does Sam have to worry about the troublesome terrain he’s navigating, but there are a handful of enemies in his way. Getting away from them and protecting his cargo his top priority. Running for such a long time is going to put its toll on his body, and he’s going to need to take a break from the usual grind. He could lose his stamina, too, and players will want to bring it back up to its full charge. Here’s how to restore your stamina.

How to Restore Stamina in Death Stranding

The immediate restoration of stamina is about being a little patient. Sam will steadily get his stamina back during a journey by taking a couple of seconds to rest and standing still. You’ll see him stand there, take a few breaths, and adjust the gear he’s carrying, and then he’ll be good to go. But this is to immediately restore your current stamina, not return any you may have lost by pushing Sam to his limits. You can hit the “Square” button while resting for Sam to start massaging his body and stretch out, increasing the rate by which it increases.

When you’re negotiating through water, and you’re about to lose your stamina bar, stand in place to restore it. To make sure you don’t lose your balance against the current, hold the L2 and R2 buttons while waiting.

Another, faster method to restore some of your currently lost stamina is to drink from your canteen. It contains Monster Energy Drink, and it will quickly push the meter back up, significantly faster than it would be to stand there and wait for it. You can drink from your canteen by clicking on the left arrow of the directional pad to take a quick swig.

For those pushing Sam during his deliveries, you’ll need to reward your hard worker with some well-deserved sleep. Players will know if Sam is exhausted by the small white outline at the start of the bar, preventing the blue stamina from fully returning. The best way to restore Sam’s lost stamina is to let him have some rest back in his private room. You don’t have to return to Sam’s original private room, but you do need to visit a Distribution Center where Sam can fully rest.

Those are the quickest and best ways for Sam to get his stamina back during a delivery in Death Stranding. Good luck successfully getting packages to your clients, and make sure to watch your blue gauge. You don’t want Sam to be out of breath in the middle of running away from enemies, or else you and your cargo could pay the ultimate price.