How to revive allies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Come back from the brink.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Learning when to revive is crucial while exploring and fighting some of the monsters Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has in store. At some point, everybody will have an ally or fall, and getting up isn’t as simple as using a Phoenix Down or casting a spell. This guide will explain how to revive fallen allies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How reviving works in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The act of healing and reviving work differently in the Xenoblade franchise. Unlike most standard RPGs, you can’t use items to heal or restore fallen comrades during a battle with a simple spell. Any actions performed in combat are based on a character’s role or their class Arts.

When an ally falls in combat, a large beam of light will appear where they fell. This helps you find fallen allies during the chaos of battle. To revive an ally, you have to be using a character with the Healer role. Your main Healers consist of Eunie and Taion. A Healer based hero can revive allies during combat as well.

While using a Healer, head to your fallen party members and hold A to start reviving them. A small circle like the one pictured below will begin to fill up. This circle will fill faster if multiple Healers are reviving the same person. 

Screenshot by Gamepur

Any AI Healers in your party will automatically attempt to revive your downed party members but controlling them directly is the safest option for a successful revive. You want to make sure somebody other than yourself has enemy attention. 

You can see who an enemy is targeting with the colored lines above their heads. The enemy is targeting you if you have a red line above your head. Avoid healing Arts until the enemy targets somebody else, then move in to revive. Make sure to keep your Healers alive at all costs because you cannot revive anybody in your party without them.