How to revive teammates in Hyper Scape

Back in it.

You need to be aggressive if you want to have your teammates return in Hyper Scape. When a teammate goes down, you can bring them back into the game by taking out other players and getting kills. After you take down an enemy, a respawn appears on the ground where you eliminated the opponent. Your downed teammate will show up as a shadow running around the map, and when one of the spawn beacons drop, they can stand over it for you to bring them back.

When your teammate stands over the golden spawn beacon, you can bring them back by holding it down. They should return after a few seconds. Because you had to take down another player to get the chance to have them return, it’s pretty easy for them to find a few weapons and hacks nearby to prepare for the next encounter.

The fighting becomes even more intense at the end of a Hyper Scape game. Near the end of your Hyper Scape match, respawning your teammates becomes a significant challenge due to how few players you will find left in your game. It might be better to focus on taking out opponents than jumping the gun to bring another teammate in to help you out.