How to ride a palamute in Monster Hunter Rise

Yes, you can pet the dog, too.

Image via Capcom

Anticipation for Monster Hunter Rise has been at a fever pitch ever since its announcement last year, and we’re now able to enjoy a small taste of it thanks to the new and extremely popular demo. Not only does Rise include a number of new monsters to hunt and kill, but you can take a canine friend into the field with you.

Riding the palamute is as easy as a button. Pressing and holding the A button will summon your palamute and allow you to hop right on its back. If you prefer to use your Action Bar, you can also toggle over to Let Me Ride to perform the same action.

Once you’re saddled up, you have several options. You can dash with the R button, drift with ZL, and jump with ZR. Press X to perform attacks while you’re mounted, and press B to get off your palamute. If you’re feeling daring, you can dismount while in the air, giving you a chance to hop from your palamute directly to a monster and continue the assault.

While you’re riding your palamute, you can scoop up any items you find in the field. You’re also able to eat food, drink potions, and perhaps most importantly, sharpen your weapon. Don’t forget that if you’re playing solo, you can add a palico to your team, providing a nice backup of healing and morale boosts while you and your palamute handle the frontline.