How To Rocket Start In Mario Kart Tour


Rockets Starts are part of the kart game experience. Having a way to get a surge of speed straight off the starting line is just part of the games that so many people enjoy. You can do this in Mario Kart Tour as well, to give yourself those extra few seconds of speed over your opponents.

How To Rocket Start In Mario Kart Tour

To Rocket Start in Mario Kart Tour, press on the screen when the countdown hits 2, then take your finger off right as the race begins. After you press on the screen at 2, your wheels take a moment to hit the engine but should start to spin up and send some sparks flying.

You want to lift your finger the second the race starts because you don’t want to accelerate off at a strange angle, ruining your line at the start of the race.

Now, whether you should use a Rocket Start is up to you. Against bots, it is relatively safe to do, but when the multiplayer aspect of the game launches, you don’t want to start the race out front. It’s an easy way to eat a few turtle shells and find yourself at the back of the pack, with a lot of catching up to do. I prefer to let someone else lead races, staying close behind them and dodging any banana skins or oil slicks. I wait until the most heart-crushing moment to hit them with a turtle shell and then zoom past them to take the win.

It can be a good idea to Rocket Start, then try and sit directly in front of the person behind you, close enough to interfere with their ability to get an item box. How you use a Rocket Start is up to you, and your playstyle.