How to romance Kerry Eurodyne in Cyberpunk 2077

Love is in the air.

Image via CD Projekt Red

Kerry Eurodyne’s romance options come pretty late in the game, and it is actually possible to completely miss this run of missions if you don’t put in a certain amount of work.

You can only romance Kerry if you are playing a character with a masculine voice and body type. Although Kerry is explicitly bisexual in the tabletop iteration of Cyberpunk, he will only be romantically involved with a ‘male-presenting’ V in the game.

The first thing you will need to do is get rather close to the end of the game when you get access to the Chippin’ In mission. You will need to wrap up this mission and help Rogue get information on Adam Smasher. Once this is complete, be sure to talk to Rogue after the conclusion of the mission.

Up next will be a trip with Johnny where you will need to decide if you want to be best friends with the anarchistic ghost in your head or not. This will impact your available endings so don’t make rash decisions just to get to hook up with Kerry.

You will first meet Kerry during the Side Job, Holdin’ On. You need to sneak into his house then let Johnny take the wheel while they catch up. Kerry will talk about getting the band back together, which leads to a new mission called Second Conflict. Get through this mission, and you will need to finish the A Like Supreme Side Job and then Rebel Rebel. There are no real impactful choices to be made around Kerry during any of these quests.

Nothing much will matter until the Off the Leash mission when Kerry will start to open up to you. Pick the “You can tell me“, and choose the kiss option when it appears.

About 24 hours later, Kerry will invite you to his boat and once again take the kiss option when it appears. Before the quest ends, you also get the chance to hug Kerry to seal the deal on this romance.