How to romance Miranda in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Love in zero-gravity.

Just because a hyper-advanced species is trying to destroy the universe doesn’t mean you can’t find love, or so says Mass Effect 2. One of the most popular romance options in the game is Miranda, but like all the characters, it can take some work to make her love you back.

One of the most important aspects of any romance in the game is loyalty. As such, players should always track down Miranda for a chat after every mission. Selecting the “Let’s chat” option will bring up some potential conversation starters that will help Miranda grow fonder of the Commander.

Miranda’s Loyalty mission is also extremely important. After playing through the mission on Horizon, Shepard will get a message saying Miranda wants to speak to him. Go to her office and she will say she wants help for her twin sister, Oriana. She fears her father will try to kidnap her. Agree to help, then travel to Illium to complete Miranda: The Prodigal mission.

The good news here is all you need to do is finish the mission. There is no fail state for it and Miranda will always pledge her loyalty. Speak with her directly after returning to the Normandy. All players need to do is keep talking to Miranda, and picking either the Paragon or Renegade options to end up in an eventual romance with the character. After requesting some time to think, another conversation with Miranda will lead her to express doubt about his feelings, but picking the Renegade option, or the neutral option, will stop her worries.

There will come an awkward moment in the campaign when Jack and Miranda will fight. Players need to solve this argument without taking sides if they wish to stay in a romance with Miranda AND keep Jack’s loyalty. This can only be done if their Paragon/Renegade scores are high enough, giving them access to Charm/Intimidate options.

To have the romance carry over into Mass Effect 3, Miranda will need to not be given command of a team and will need to be on the defense tea during the boss fight.