How to romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077

Love is in the air.

Image via CD Projekt Red

If you want to experience some futuristic romance in Cyberpunk 2077, then Panam is one of the romance options in the game. You can only follow this path if you are a male V. You will first meet her during the Ghost Town quest in Act 2. You are put in contact with Panam by Rogue, a famous fixer in Night City.

Romance in Cyberpunk is surprisingly simple, as it is normally very obvious what you should say to keep a character on your side. There are two main moments that will get you closer with Panam. First, she will offer you a drink during one of the missions, and you should accept it.

The second one is when you are speaking to Saul and he is somewhat rude to Panam. Stick up for her and put Saul in his place, and you will be on the right path. This opens up side missions for Panam and allows the romance to blossom.

During her Riders of the Storm mission, you should take the chance to ride with Panam in her vehicle. If any dialogue option comes up that has a (Touch) option with it, then make sure you pick that option.

During the With a Little Help From My Friends mission you have the option to reveal Panam’s plan, but you should obviously keep it to yourself. Make sure you take any more (Touch) options that come up in dialogue and let her know that you missed her. When you are sitting beside a campfire later in the mission, make sure you move closer to Panam.

Finally, during the Queen of the Highway mission, tell her that the Basilisk is cozy, and then do some shooting practice. Panam will talk about impulses, and you should let her touch you. You will get the option to kiss her, which you should obviously take, wrapping up the developing romance arc.