How to salvage the friendship with Lipless in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Storm riders! Together ’til the end!

Screenshot by Gamepur

A “friend” from long ago, Lipless, has found Starlord in a bar, and the alien is pointing his gun at his blonde head. To salvage the friendship in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ll have to pick the correct choices to get Lipless back on your side. And fair warning to all of you: this scene is about to get cringy.

This event occurs straight after seeing Rocket and Groot making arrangements for a new contract at a bar. Starlord and his two friends seem very disconnected and are about to break up. Then, Lipless appears with his gun on Starlord’s noggin.

After a short talk, you are now given four options: defer to Gamora, tell the truth, pretend you remember, and freeze and say nothing. In this situation, you should pretend you remember Lipless with a funny retort “No way! How could I forget that face?” Thankfully, the alien finds it amusing.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll then try to salvage the friendship back by singing a song together. For the first lyric, select “Like a hurricane.” You have a time limit so respond quickly. Select “Through the Rain” instead of “Cherry Lips” for the second lyric; this is also timed.

After completing these two responses, you and Lipless are now friends, for better or for worse. We definitely don’t want an encore. Because of your newly regained friendship, you’ll gain a coupon for free entry into the Collector’s Emporium.