How to save everyone in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope (good ending guide)

Here is how to save all the characters in Little Hope.

How to save everyone in Little Hope (good ending guide)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope has a branching storyline, and depending on the choices players make, they can get a variety of endings in the game. There are a total of three endings, a good one, a bad one, and a neutral one. Even if you get a good ending, you need to make sure you make the right decisions, or else you can lose some of the characters. Here is how you can save everyone in Little Hope.

How to save Taylor

  • Choose teamwork instead of going alone.
  • Don’t go to the town with John.
  • Find the rest after crossing the bridge.
  • By sympathetic towards Daniel in the bell tower.
  • While fighting for your life, tell Daniel to leave her.

How to save Daniel

  • Prove that Daniel can be a hero.
  • Take the knife from the museum.
  • Stab the demon outside the church with the knife.
  • Demand that the priest should release Mary.
  • Let go of the metal bar and ask Andrew to leave himself.

How to Save Angela

  • Angela becomes more understanding and relates to other people’s feelings.
  • Interested by her doppelganger.
  • Angela should trust Andrew and get out of the pit.
  • She was happy after everyone got out of the pit.
  • Remove the pistol if you carrying one in the fourth act or Andrew will shoot Angela.

How to save John

  • John becomes more assertive as a group leader.
  • You must refuse a drink at the Black Cat bar.
  • When you confront the girl at the covered bridge, ferry her across the broken bridge.
  • When the demon knocks on the door, ask Andrew to leave him.