How to Score Points in NBA 2K20


Any lead you have can never be big enough, and no deficit should be considered so significant that you cannot get back in the game. That’s the rule of basketball, or else why are you even playing? In NBA 2K20, whether you are looking to rack up huge leads, or lose less, this guide should get you on the right path.

How to Score Points in NBA 2K20

Player Skill Matters

There are levels to professional basketball, and some players sink more shots than others. It is the same in NBA 2K20, and the all-important thing to consider is the stats of any player. You want to learn your team well, find the best shooters, then set up your playstyle to win them space to take shots. There is no point in getting the balls into the hands of a player and lining up a shot with them if they are prone to throwing bricks.

Learn the Shot Meter

If you watch your player when shooting, you will notice the game’s new Shot Meter. It is a vertical bar that will appear next to the shooting player, and the idea is to release the shot when the bar fills up. Get used to the timing of this to improve your shooting.

Camera Angle Matters

Don’t just assume that the default camera angle is the best for you. There are a range of options in the game that might give you better info, or a more comfortable perspective on the game.

Pick and Roll

It’s not exactly fancy, but it is fundamental, and fundamental wins games. The pick and roll is an excellent way for an offense to hopefully shed some defensive players, making some space, and push a strong passing game, opening up shooting options. To do this, press the left bumper, then move the player into a position to receive a pass from the player you are controlling.

Control Your Fatigue

Play smart, and don’t tire players out. Shooting falls apart in the face of fatigue. It can also be an excellent idea to subs players in and out using timeouts. Even if someone is a little lower-rated, fresh legs matter in the game of basketball.

You Can’t Score If You Don’t Have The Ball

Rash plays that give away possession of the ball will sink you quicker than anything in NBA 2K20. As long as you have the ball, you have the chance to score, and your opponent doesn’t. Don’t just give up possession for low percentage chances of success.

Learn To Defend

When the other team is on offense, every effort needs to be made to defend, and not just give up a load of real estate on the court. Getting the ball back and denying the chance for the other team to score is as good as scoring yourself.