How to sell items in Wartales

Time to get paid.

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Selling items is essential when you are traveling across the lands in Wartales. You need to make money to pay your troops after all, and that money won’t come out of thin air. Unfortunately, there aren’t many areas where you can sell the items you’ve collected. Here is how you can sell your items in Wartales.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While searching the lands, you are bound to come across loot after a battle or pick up ore from a mine. If you are feeling bogged down by items, find a nearby town. There are also times when you will find small huts that a blacksmith owns. Finding a place like this is essential to selling your items.

If you come across a town, select the building you want to sell your items at. Once you enter, select the shopkeep. You will see your inventory appear on the right-hand side of the screen. If it doesn’t appear, select the chest symbol in the bottom right-hand corner to pull it up. You will see the amount of gold you have and the current weight of your goods at the bottom of the inventory menu.

With the inventory menu open, right-click an item to sell it. You can also press the shift key and right-click the item to pull up a quantity menu. Remember, don’t sell all of your goods in one place. Different shops will offer different prices for your goods.